DogosteroneTM Therapy: Hormone Replacement Therapy

Arthritis and hip dysplasia are among the most common conditions that affect older, larger dogs, but with DogosteroneTM Therapy, a hormone replacement therapy (HRT), more dogs can experience relief and a much better quality of life. In fact, since it was first introduced at Sheridan West Animal Clinic in Cooper City, this therapy has had a success rate of 95%.

What Is DogosteroneTM Therapy?

DogosteroneTM Therapy is a revolutionary treatment method that involves injecting testosterone into the body to bring levels back to normal, which ultimately increases a dog’s ability to move around as they did before. As a hormone, testosterone maintains muscle mass and increases bone density, but dogs that have been spayed and neutered have absolutely none. Before treatment begins, a full evaluation of the dog is completed to determine the level of therapy needed. Treatments vary by dog, condition, and severity of symptoms.

What Is the History Behind DogosteroneTM Therapy?

DogosteroneTM Therapy was developed by our very own, Dr. David S. Bieber. He developed the treatment in 2008 after his 11-year-old chocolate Labrador, Bruno, became paralyzed in his hind legs due to chronic invertebral disc disease in the neck and back regions. He started giving Bruno testosterone injections, and on the fifth month, Bruno was able to walk again. Dr. Bieber started researching testosterone injections using small, medium and large dogs that were spayed/neutered and had mobility issues. Soon after, he trademarked the treatment as DogosteroneTM Therapy.

Bruno continued enjoying walks over the next four years, but he passed on at age 14 of natural causes.

What Conditions Can This Therapy Treat?

It can treat arthritis, intervertebral disc disease, hip dysplasia, muscle atrophy, degenerative joint disease, and many other related conditions. Although these conditions commonly affect older, larger breeds, all ages and sizes are susceptible.

What Is the Success Rate of This Therapy?

DogosteroneTM Therapy has been offered in Cooper City since 2009, with a 95% success rate. Dogs that have been treated with testosterone injections see an increase in mobility and experience no side effects. Some dogs even return to having a full range of motion. As many as 25% of canines could benefit from the therapy, which can ease pain, restore mobility, and rejuvenate the spirit–even through the senior years. We consider this a “Quality of Life” therapy!

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Learn More About DogosteroneTM Therapy

Ensuring that your dog lives a long, active, happy life is Dr. Bieber’s goal. His passion for his own dog prompted him to develop this unique and highly effective treatment. If you’re interested in learning more about the research behind Dogosterone™ Therapy or getting details on the process, call 954-432-6230. We look forward to helping your canine companion live life to the fullest!