Pet Wellness Care, because a Healthy Pet Is a Happy Pet

Every loving pet owner wants their four-legged friend to live a long, healthy life. One of the best ways to make that happen is with preventive care. We recommend you bring your pet in for a preventive wellness exam at least twice a year. For senior pets, we may recommend more frequent visits, due to the added health risks that come with age. Another important part of preventive care is pet vaccinations, which help prevent contagious viruses and diseases. Pet wellness care is the perfect time to administer these life-saving boosters and keep your Cooper City cat or dog happy and healthy.

Your Pet’s Wellness Care Exam

Every pet exam in our Cooper City clinic consists of a comprehensive check of the body, including weight, heart rate, and temperature. We take note of any abnormalities we find, whether it’s tartar buildup, dandruff, or weight loss/gain. If necessary, we’ll discuss our recommendations for treatment (weight management, etc.) or additional diagnostics (X-rays, blood work, etc.). We’ll also discuss your pet’s need for parasite prevention.

Please feel free to let us know about any changes that you’ve noticed in your pet that we wouldn’t be able to detect during these visits.

Things to ask yourself include:


  • Has your pet been eating less than usual?
  • Do they seem to be uncomfortable when they walk or go upstairs?
  • Are they noticeably less active?
  • Are they having trouble urinating?
  • Are they drinking more water?

Whatever the change is, we want to know about it during your pet’s wellness exam.

Staying Up-to-Speed on Your Pet’s Health

Regular pet wellness care can prevent medical issues from becoming worse. In some cases, you can prevent issues from happening in the first place. It’s also the time you can discuss your pet’s health in depth and stay educated about their care. At Sheridan West Animal Clinic, we’ll give you the time to ask as many questions about your pet as you’d like, and we’ll address all your concerns. You may be unsure about daily dental care for your pet, and we can educate you on how to best keep slobbery mouths fresh. Pet spay and neuter can also be better suited for some breeds of dog than others, and we can advise you on when or if you should get your pet “fixed.” Please contact us about pet wellness care! Because we care about the pets of Cooper City and their owners.