For the Love of Felines

ForCatOwnersIf you have the pleasure of owning a cat, you know how special these creatures are. We think they’re pretty special, too! We LOVE our feline patients, but we know that many owners don’t bring their cats to the vet as often as they should. “My cat hates her carrier.” “My cat never goes outside, so he doesn’t need to see a vet.” “My cat seems healthy to me, so I’m going to assume she is.” We’ve heard it all, but believe it or not, ALL cats should see a vet at least once a year. Here are five reasons that you can feel confident in bringing your cat to Sheridan West Animal Clinic:

  • Our Calming Atmosphere: We know many cats don’t like to be out of their comfort zone or in a place with unfamiliar sights and smells. That’s why we do everything we can to create a calming, welcoming atmosphere for them. This includes speaking to them in a gentle manner and even pampering them a little.
  • Our Modern Services: When you bring your cat to us, you can expect nothing but high-quality services by a team of friendly, experienced doctors and support staff. Whether your cat has a need for a standard wellness exam, laser therapy, or dental care, we’re willing and able to meet it.
  • Our Reputation: Many of our current clients can attest to the positive experiences that their cats have during their visits to our clinic.
  • Our Love for Cats: We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We genuinely love caring for cats through every stage of their lives—all nine of them—and we want to see them live their lives to the fullest.
  • Our Client Education: Part of our mission as a practice is to educate clients on the best way to care for their cats from home. When you bring your cat to us, we’ll dispel some of the common myths about cats while giving you some care tips. Some of the topics we address are:
    1. How and why cats hide their illnesses
    2. Diseases that can affect indoor cats
    3. How to best acclimate your cat to the carrier

Ready to bring your feline friend to see us? We certainly are! Schedule an appointment today!